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About Us /Bio

Clint E. Ingram

My name is Clint E. Ingram, I am the owner and managing funeral director at Ingram Funeral Home & Cremation Society. I grew up in Montclair Virginia. Upon Graduating from George Mason University, I did an internship for a Congressman in the 8th district in Alexandria Virginia then another internship at Fannie Mae in Herndon Virginia. I then moved to Chicago to work for JP Morgan Futures at the Chicago Board of Trade where I clerked on the fixed income trading floor. After extensive proprietary trading options courses and passing the series 7,63, and 3 I became a market maker in the Dow Futures pit for Timber Hill which is now Interactive Brokers. I spent just under a decade working in the financial markets then left the trading world which I found stressful and unfulfilling. I have always been a compassionate sensitive person and longed for a life path that would contribute to society in a positive way. One evening, I prayed about finding a new life path that would make a difference in my community and allow me to serve others. My calling was discovered through discernment. I suddenly had this strong desire to serve grieving families as a funeral director. I spent months interviewing funeral directors and funeral home owners to see if this was something I wanted to do and if it was something that would be good at. During this time, I was offered an entry level position at White Columns Funeral Chapel in Atlanta Georgia. I quickly became a valuable part of the team and spent many years serving families and learning the trade

I attended Mortuary School while working at White Columns where I completed my apprenticeship and became a licensed funeral director and embalmer. It is such a blessing to be entrusted to serve a family during such a difficult time of loss. I was blessed to study under one of the greatest funeral directors to ever walk this earth, Mike Enfinger(RIP). Mike taught me my skillset but most importantly taught me how to serve with the highest integrity, respect, and compassion. He taught me that as long as I served every family that turned to us as if they were my own family we were serving the family as they deserved to be served. He taught me that it wasn’t how much I know, it is about how much I care.


I have two boys in middle school (Luke and Owen) who are my heart that live with their wonderful mother in Atlanta Georgia. I hope that at least one of my boys will come work for the family business once they finish school and get some work experience under their belt. I hope to be the best example to them that I can be. I aim to show them by example that hard work and being good to people always results in blessings.


I moved to Mooresville NC with my dog Davis in spring of 2014 to Purchase Ingram Funeral Home & Cremation Society (formerly Neill Funeral Home) from Carol Bandy Neill who got his start in high school working for Cavin Funeral Home when it was still owned and operated by it’s founding family. Carol blessed me by hand picking me out of over a dozen funeral directors to take over his life’s work when his age and health started to affect his ability to serve families. It has been a great challenge to update the facility and break into a new community where I didn’t know a soul. I have faith that in time the community will see my heart and make Ingram Funeral Home their first choice when funeral services are in need. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community and be positioned and entrusted to serve families at this capacity. Mooresville was essentially a one funeral home town when I arrived and I am slowly but surely earning the trust and support of the community by bringing this place back to life a day at a time. Healthy competition is a great way to protect a community from price gouging in addition to offering families a choice. I truly believe that this is the big picture contribution that I offer to the community by continuing on my path. Thank you to all of you who support this small family funeral home. We aim to offer the highest quality and best priced funeral services in the community!


I truly love my work as a funeral director and feel so honored to serve the families that turn to us during a time of loss.
If you have any questions or would like to speak to me directly, please call. I look forward to meeting and serving you!

-Clint E. Ingram

Our Services

What to Expect

A funeral director has valuable insight and skill into developing a powerful and realistic pre-arranged planning program. Customers who have a plan with another funeral home can ask to have funds transferred over to ours.

Funeral Services

Our reputable funeral home takes pride in maintaining a clean and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Our employees love working here because they have a true passion for working with people undergoing this difficult time of life


Our mortician will help with writing life stories or obituaries, updating company or personal websites, coordinating legal documents, arranging floral arrangements, and preparing deceased bodies for viewings.

Price List

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead.

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